I believe that true love is a rare occurrence in hearts and arranged marriages are nothing but 
arrangements of the mind. I believe that I’m here to unite twin souls. I believe that I am the 
love messiah In this installation of "Allure Astrology," learn how casting ethical love spells  are 
the perfect way to invite more positive energy into your life Do you want to rekindle the passion 
between the couple? Do you want your love to be reciprocated? With these love spells you will attract 
love or keep you may be you are tired of landing on the wrog people in your life The two types of  spells can 
be connected directly to the gender

roles of men and women. Women used philia spells because they were dependent on their husbands. Women were
powerless and used any  means necessary to keep their husbands around since men were free to leave their 
wives whenever they wanted. Many women resorted to philia spells  to maintain their beauty and keep the peace of 
mind. Love magic is the use of magic to conjure sexual. Love magic is a branch of traditional magical practice, 
and a long-time trope in literature and art, that can be implemented in a variety of  ways, such as through written 
spells, dolls, charms, amulets, potions, or rituals. It is attested to on cuneiform tablets from the ancient Near 
East,  the  Middle Ages, and up to 
the present day. It is used in the story of true love spell