I will cast a powerful revenge spell on the person of your choice. that will ensure they never
hurt you again. Once the spell is done it can’t be undone. No bad karma or energy will come to
you. I am very knowledgeable in working in these spells using only white magic. Your bad luck and
negative energy will leave your life and go to them, where they
came from. You will feel lighter, sleep better and start to have good luck. I will need you to put 
in work too and trust me completely. The time  it takes the spell to work depends on you and the spirits
I work with.  I will do everything in my power to make sure you get what you wish. The spirits will make
sure it happens. The other person might not talk
about it or might hide it from you but you’ll notice how they get uncomfortable  around you and they


seem a bit “afraid” when they see you or hear about you. They won’t even know why but their
subconscious will have these spirit voices attached forever telling them to leave you alone
and making them hurt if they try to hurt them. I assure you they will stop. I will need a picture,
date of birth, and full name from you and the other party. A back story and details of what you wish
will also help. I’ll be 
in constant contact with you and will notify you when I cast the spell and 
when it’s done. You will get verification. And no I will not “get rid of someone”
for you. I  won’t physically hurt anyone. The magic I use will ensure this person
leaves you alone and gets their karma back. They will hurt inside. Have 
nightmares, be uncomfortable but I will ensure NO HARM comes to you. spell caster in Kenya