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You can use rituals and spells if you need to sell your house quickly.
These rituals and spells can help send out positive affirmations that will aid in the sale.
Are you ready to sell your house? Are you having trouble selling your house, land, or anything 
buyers are not lining up to make you an offer? Well, by following the tips in 
this guide, not only will get your house on the market faster, but you will also be able to sell it quicker.
It is always best to prepare the space before you begin your rituals or spell work. 
Begin to prepare for the sale of your house with the red candles .white material, olive oil pure, and my
the traditional  mixer of data from trees and grass natural herbs and many types of urban mix from locally
and from Dubai get a serious buyer within a short period it's very safe for all kinds of people
black or white any nationality doesn't matter set your price let me do the heavy work then you pay after
it has worked after you got the buyer
The purpose of this preparation ritual is to remove any obstacles or negative energies
that is preventing you from selling and letting go of the house.
Go through the house and thoroughly scrub and wash the house from the top level to the
bottom level. You can use the soap I made for this job to wash the floors.
After scrubbing the house, you should then do a cleansing.

Floor & Bath Wash Good Luck

It is common for homeowners to form attachments or cords to their houses. While most
of the time these attachments are positive, people can also have negative attachments
to a property. If you are having difficulties selling your house, a negative attachment 
may be preventing you from moving forward to the next part of your life journey.
Also, consider that the difficulties you are having selling your house are simply because 
it is not the right time for you to sell the house. Divine timing is an important aspect 
in everyone’s lives, and you may have to wait until it is time for the house to be sold.
You can always set your intent by asking your spirit guides, deities, ancestors, Angels,
etc. to help you for the greater good. Always ask with whom you have aligned your spiritual beliefs.
contact me for more information on spell caster in Kenya 

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